Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is a Team Sport

If we have learned anything over the past two years, it’s how important it is to have difficult but necessary conversations. That is the goal of LAX2LIVE Lacrosse games for suicide awareness and mental health.
Reach out to us and discover how your team can be part our our 2022 LAX2LIVE SEASON and have of this life saving conversation.  


 most of the programs associated with the Brian Dagle Foundation, LAX2LIVE was also created out of love and loss. It’s our way to honor the sport Brian played with passion. For those who knew Brian, he wasn’t a big kid but his spirit, especially for his team and sport shined through. 

Since its inception about six years ago, LAX2LIVE has used the lacrosse field as a platform to have this difficult conversation with athletes, coaches, parents, and fans about mental health. 
The teams hear the message from us as we share our story at halftime. We give the athletes permission to say, “I’m struggling” and it’s to ask for help for yourself or your teammates. They did just that. Coaches and parents have told us of players who have come to them to say, “That’s me, I’m struggling.”

The game format is simple. The schools decide on a date that works for them. We supply the Tshirts, resources, and game on. Although the format is simple, the outcome can save a life. Making  a difference in one life is what matters. Ask us how you can join the LAX2LIVE team. Schools, volunteers, and supporters all welcome. 

Ann Irr Dagle and
the Brian Dagle Foundation Family

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