Our Mission

The Brian Dagle Foundation — anchored in hope and empowered to support, is dedicated to the healing of grieving adults as well as community education on suicide prevention and awareness.

Men’s Only Grief Support Group

We’re pleased to offer “Mens Only” grief support group at Brian’s Healing Hearts. We hope that his unique group will give any male the permission to openly talk about the reality of grief and loss they are experiencing. 

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  • Thoughts on Grief and Time

    Thoughts on Grief and Time

    Time heals all wounds. ⁠ It’s time to move forward. ⁠ It’s time to live again. ⁠ There’s never enough time. Time to work. Time to play. Time to love. Time to live. ⁠ Everyone has their thoughts about time, especially after losing someone you think you cannot live without. ⁠ Time is a friend and time is an enemy. ⁠ The past few years, time has befriended me. Time has softened the years since Brian’s death.⁠ A decade is…

  • Remembering Brian on His 30th Birthday

    This day arrives each year with the anticipation beginning about a month before when the calendar turns to March 2nd. Regardless of the number of years, the hesitation, the anticipations begins again, counting down to April 2nd. This year would have been a milestone year. This year on April 2nd, Brian would have celebrated his 30th birthday. Eleven birthdays without him. Eleven birthdays remembering his smile, his love, his light. Remembering the love while simultaneously honoring the profound loss I feel without him is…

  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is a Team Sport

    If we have learned anything over the past two years, it’s how important it is to have difficult but necessary conversations. That is the goal of LAX2LIVE Lacrosse games for suicide awareness and mental health.Reach out to us and discover how your team can be part our our 2022 LAX2LIVE SEASON and have of this life saving conversation.   Like  most of the programs associated with the Brian Dagle Foundation, LAX2LIVE was also created out of love and loss. It’s our way to honor…