Lax2Live Lacrosse

Lax2Live Lacrosse Games

Brian Dagle loved playing lacrosse yet he like many other athletes struggled with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness.

The Lax2Live Lacrosse Games are regular-season high school or college lacrosse games with the focus on creating mental health and suicide awareness between the athletes, coaches, and fans.

At each event, there is a pre-game conversation about mental health and suicide prevention. The Brian Dagle Foundation provides booths with resource materials, educational games and information about programs for anyone who may be struggling or looking for ways to support others.

A short presentation on the risk and warning signs of suicide is given at half-time. Lacrosse players receive Lax2Live t-shirts and are encouraged in school to talk about the Lax2Live games.

Due to the circumstances during the 2020 season, we were unfortunately unable to provide mental health and suicide prevention awareness through the LAX2LIVE program. The foundation is looking to continue provide awareness during this years’ season.

We hope that you will join us in 2021 to participate in LAX2LIVE. The Brian Dagle Foundation will provide t-shirts for your players, share facts and warning signs to better understand mental health & suicide, and offer valuable suicide prevention and awareness information. You will also hear a message of hope and how the Dagle family turned their tragic loss into a mission to save lives. Additionally, we are happy to talk with you about ways we can tailor programs and information to the specific needs and/or concerns of your school and team.

*Due to the Covid-19 impacts, the foundation understands game preparation and planning may be stressful and that there may be unknown crowd restrictions present during games. In order to be more flexible with guidelines, teams may elect to have a Foundation representative speak and provide t-shits to the team during a practice prior to a game. If you are interested in this approach, please reach out for more information.

We understand that 2021 Lax2Live season is going to look a little different. But one thing that has not changed is the much needed message we deliver to the athletes, the coaches, and the parents. We will work with you and tailor the program to meet your schools need. [email protected]