Lax2Live Lacrosse

Lax2Live Lacrosse Games

Brian Dagle loved playing lacrosse yet he like many other athletes struggled with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness.

The Lax2Live Lacrosse Games are regular-season high school or college lacrosse games with the focus on creating mental health and suicide awareness between the athletes, coaches, and fans.

At each event, there is a pre-game conversation about mental health and suicide prevention. The Brian Dagle Foundation provides booths with resource materials, educational games and information about programs for anyone who may be struggling or looking for ways to support others.

A short presentation on the risk and warning signs of suicide is given at half-time. Lacrosse players receive Lax2Live t-shirts and are encouraged in school to talk about the Lax2Live games.

Lax2Live 2021

Due to the circumstances during the 2020 season, we were forced to improvise with some of the games. Yet we made a difference! The conversation was started and players spoke up, sharing to parents or coaches that, yes, in fact they were struggling with depression and anxiety.

We look forward to an exciting season in 2022. Don’t hesitate to reach out, ask about our program to bring it to your school or team.