Thoughts on Grief and Time

Time heals all wounds. ⁠

It’s time to move forward. ⁠

It’s time to live again. ⁠

There’s never enough time. Time to work. Time to play. Time to love. Time to live. ⁠

Everyone has their thoughts about time, especially after losing someone you think you cannot live without. ⁠

Time is a friend and time is an enemy. ⁠

The past few years, time has befriended me. Time has softened the years since Brian’s death.⁠

A decade is a long time. Now there is distance from the pain of the unbearable early years of grief. Time has also granted me age. My view of life is from a seasoned life of wisdom and experience. At times, joy, happiness, and peace have found their way back into my heart. Happiness in the snuggles with my precious grandchildren. Joy in the accomplishments of my children. And peace from surrounding myself in the beauty of mother nature. ⁠

Yet, sometimes, time will rear its ugly head and become my enemy. Time flashes like a neon light, reminding me of the years it has been since I received a hug, heard his laugh, or stared at his handsome face, admiring the special young man my son was. ⁠

Time screams at me each November 12th, the day Brian left.⁠

Time takes my breath away each April 2nd, on the day Brian was born, once again, sending me into the spiral of grief. ⁠

Time and I understand each other pretty well. I know the times of grief, sadness, happiness, and joy won’t last forever. Time has taught me that nothing lasts forever – just when you think you’ve got things figured out, something changes.

So, I’ve learned to hold on, to surrender to the emotions I’m experiencing at any given time.

And I learned when it’s time to take a time out and that’s okay.