Brian’s Healing Hearts
Center for Hope and Healing

As the Brian Dagle Foundation began to evolve, it was clear that someday we would need a place to call home. However, we knew that the building needed to be more than a “workspace”.

In our hearts, we envisioned a safe, warm, inviting home that would welcome people whose world and hearts have been shattered. Our dream came true. Brian’s Healing Hearts has become so much more than we could’ve ever imagined with a calming energy that allows healing and hope for those seeking support with their grief and loss.

In the short time since our healing space has opened, we’ve discovered that a need has been filled for our community. We welcome parents or grandparents who have lost a child, husbands, wives, and partners who have lost the love of their lives, young adults or adults who lost significant people such as parents, siblings or friends. They learn that they are not alone in their grief. Connections and bonds are created and hearts begin to mend.

Our doors at Brian’s Healing Hearts are open for anyone searching for hope, healing, and support after a loss. You are never alone.