Ten Years of Lessons Learned

On November 12th, it will be ten years since the death of my son Brian, Whew. It’s been a long, turbulent road. But the years have soften the sharpness of my grief. I’ve learned that grief never end because it’s simply the price you pay for love, and love never dies. Now, my days are filled with memories that make me smile instead of cry. Yet, there are days when I get in “that place of overwhelming grief”, and I know it’s time to dig deep into my toolbox and pull out what I need for support  

I would give back the lessons and gifts I’ve received during the past ten years in an instant, if only I could just have Brian back for a minute, but I know that’s impossible. So, I hold the precious moments and the people who’ve come into my life close to my heart, finding gratitude in the gifts of grief. 

I thought I’d share more lessons I’ve learned… 

1. Through the miracles of love, hope, and life, you survive the unimaginable.
2. Trust your heart, it will lead you in the direction you are meant to follow.
3. Create boundaries to keep you safe.
4. Give yourself permission take care of yourself, put your oxygen mask on first. 
5. Feel the ugliness of your pain, it is the only way to the other side. 
6. It’s okay to feel love and joy again.
7. Love is stronger than fear. Love fearlessly. 
8. Surround yourself with unconditional love and support. Always. 
9. Say their name. OUT LOUD! 
10. Love never dies. Hold on to it. Share it. Spread it.

Wishing you moments of peace-