Open Your Heart Again and Again

“Open your heart as often as you need to”. I read this quote four years to the day on which we opened our hearts to yours at Brian’s Healing Hearts. Four years ago, January 27, 2018. On that glorious sunny January day I was filled with emotions- love, joy, kindness, and yes, that bittersweet sadness whispering why it all happened. 

To illustrate some of our timeline, let me share two milestones that started our journey. 
Seven years ago, the Brian Dagle Foundation was born out of loss and love to fill the need for grief support services for anyone struggling after the loss of a loved one and to provide education and training on suicide awareness and prevention. A year before that, eight years ago, I cracked the door open in my heart by telling my family, “I’m not sure what I need to do but I have to find something to do with this pain.” I wrote on a file folder- Project Brian.

There are no coincidences that the reading about opening your heart again and again found me.  It was meant as a reminder on this special anniversary to never stop trying. It was a reminder that no matter how long, how many heartaches we endure- open your heart again.
I am humbled beyond words that each time I open my broken heart, I learn grace. With grace comes gifts too numerous to count. 

With overwhelming gratitude to family, friends, supporters, and especially to those who dare to open their hearts with us.
Wishing you moments of peace-