Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day: a day to honor and celebrate moms for their unconditional love with flowers, gifts, and Hallmark cards.

But what do we do for the moms whose child has died or those whose moms who are no longer here?  

For many of us, Mother’s Day looks very different from the Hallmark card aisle at the store – our hearts are filled with mixed emotions of both happy and bittersweet memories.

A gentle reminder for anyone who is missing a special person on this day: there is no right or wrong way to navigate this day. Any plans made can be changed at the last minute. If you follow through with plans, have an exit plan. If you want to leave early, it’s okay. The anticipation of this day may be overwhelming, but the truth is, it’s only 24 hours long. Consider reaching out to someone else who is hurting on Mother’s Day by sharing a kind word or even a small gift. Be kind to yourself with gentleness in your actions and thoughts.

With gratitude,