Grief & Spirituality

Grief & Spirituality Programs

When you don’t know what you believe anymore…

Grief can leave us feeling in a fog, like we don’t know which way is up.
Spirituality might hold some answers, but where to start is overwhelming.
And spirituality can give us more than answers – it can help us learn to grieve.

We welcome those of any faith, any denomination, any of those who have belief in a Higher Power other than themselves, whether that Power is called God or any other name.

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Virtual Speaker Series

Several times a year, we’ll gather virtually to hear from someone who has explored how grief & spirituality connect in their own lives and how they want to help you discover what that looks like in your own life.


Hosted by Becky L McCoy
Virtual (on zoom)
No books or materials required

How it Works

  1. After you sign up, you’ll get an email with the date and time for the next meeting and a link for zoom.
  2. Log into zoom at the scheduled time (on a computer, tablet, or phone – this works best if you have the app installed!).
  3. Take a deep breath and be proud of yourself for taking a step towards healing!

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