A Broken Heart Still Beats

Here we are in February. Heart health month. I wanted to share a message from my heart about your heart. 

Many people who walk through the doors at Brian’s Healing Hearts are seeking help for their broken hearts. We talk about the strong connection between grief and health. The body understands when a heart has shattered. It undeniably responds with physical exhaustion, pain, illness, and sometimes heart disease. 

Grief can be confusing because the heart and the brain are not always in sync, leaving you feeling like you’re losing your mind. The mind may understand that your loved one is not coming back. But the heart is usually slow to grasp onto reality, thinking your loved one is simply out of town or at work and will be home soon.

It’s ok.

In your own time, the reality sets in. 

Rest, hydrate, try to eat healthy, and listen to your body.

Follow your heart, it will let you know what you need to heal. 

This journey of love and loss is a constant reminder that – for better or worse – a broken heart still beats.