Starting a New Year

January 2023.

It will take some getting used to.

Another year, ready or not, life moves forward.

It still surprises me to be able to say that despite Brian’s death, eleven years ago, that my life has moved forward. And it’s beautiful. I am deeply grateful.

Many of you had something to do with that. You’ve touched my heart in a way that leaves me speechless.

To the person who walks through our doors, I see you. I remember that feeling of walking into a room filled with strangers, seeing the tears in their eyes, thinking, how did this happen? Is this really my life? A grief group?

In time, your time, I know I will begin see a glimmer in your tearless eyes, the light is slowly returning. And I know, somehow, you’ll be ok.

I’ve received hugs, condolences, and thank you’s from kids, parents, and professionals for sharing Brian’s story and for giving them the language and skills they may need one day to say to someone, “I’m worried about you, how can I help?”

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you- supporters, volunteers, and generous donors. Because of all of you, the Brian Dagle Foundation continues to expand beyond our wildest dreams as we reach thousands of people seeking support.

I’m grateful for the beautiful, broken-hearted souls who walk into a support group in search of hope. And for the people who are willing to learn to start the hard conversations about suicide awareness and mental health.

You are the inspiration that drives our mission.

So, join me: take a moment as the new year begins to breathe it all in.

Breathe in the beauty, the messy, the love, and the grief. When you’re ready – if you haven’t yet – start.

Start where you are, and you will begin to discover the grace you need can be found when you unearth
who you were meant to be.

Happy New Year-