Here Come Those Days Again….

Mother's Day we all know is is on Sunday.
I feel my breath quicken, anxious feelings as I pass the card isle in the store. What will I do on this day? How will I feel when the day brings so much sadness.
This is my 6th Mother's Day without my youngest child. Honestly, the pain of the day is softer. The day is bearable, no need to run away anymore. I can smile, even laugh. But there is always that but that someone is missing.

I try to remember the Mother's Days when the attempt was made with breakfast in bed. Three young faces staring at me while I sat up and look surprised. I can smile but it hurts.
I try and remember the handmade cards with "I love you mom for taking me to my baseball practice, I love you mom for cooking dinner." I smile but it hurts.

For the Mom's experiencing their first Mother's Day without their precious Child, follow your heart. If that means staying in bed all day, do it. Maybe it means going away for the weekend or day. Yup, runaway.
Or maybe you surround yourself with family and loved ones. Feel their love for you and support for you pour out of their hearts. Follow your heart.

For family or friends not knowing what to do for a Mom who lost a child, the words "Have a Happy Mother's Day", those words can hurt. How can we really. Simply acknowledge how difficult this day must be. Offer kind words. Remember their child, say their name.

Many are missing their Mom. It hurts. Don't let others dismiss that hurt. No matter how young or old your mom was when she left. We are never ready to say good bye to our Mom.

Sending love to all who are missing their Moms, missing their children, and missing special loved ones on this Mother's Day.

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