Happy Birthday Brian

April 2nd, 2016. A day that brings both my greatest joy but also my greatest pain. Brian Timothy Dagle was born April 2, 1992. But he never made it to April 2nd 2012 to celebrate his 20th birthday.

So this year on April 2nd, as usual, I was felt lost, sad, and empty.It was our 5th year without Brian here in this day. A day of my greatest joy and a day of my greatest pain. I'm alone, wondering the house on this dreary, rainy Saturday morning. I couldn't let the day go by without somehow honoring my youngest son, brother, friend to all and enemy to none.

My thoughts this morning went to him. If he was here on his 24th birthday, what would be doing? My mind was immediately drawn to his favorite food places enjoying a Shack Attack breakfast with his friends or maybe he would have gotten his Boston cream donuts while he was on his way to celebrate his birthday.

Without thinking,  pulled a steno pad from our junk drawer and began to write. Dear Flanders Donuts- please use this $24 in honor of my son Brian's 24th birthday. He is no longer with us to celebrate his day, so please use this money to buy some of your customers donuts. Love, Brian's Mom.

I wrote a second note. Dear Shack, Please use this $100 in honor of my son Brian's birthday who is no longer with us.

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