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Mental Disabilities and Service Dogs: How Can They Help?

The most common image of a service dog is a yellow Labrador, patiently guiding a blind handler across a busy street. People typically view service dogs as only being of use to the physically disabled, aiding with tasks such as retrieving items, acting as physical support, or keeping a crowd at bay during a seizure.…
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I Must Admit

I'm going to admit something I never imagined I would. How could I? I'm a Mom who not only lost her beautiful son, but he died by suicide. Four years, 6 months and 15 days ago, I  never thought I would survive the loss of one of my children.  But then the unimaginable happened. And…
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As I Honor You……/view.php/34207/Memorializ… Over the past two years, I have sat with many who are grieving the loss of a loved one and listen to them talk, cry and to ask questions of why. Always remaining strong, I share my story of hope and healing after loss of my son, something just a few years ago, I…
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Our Journey Continues

Our Journey continues... It's hard to believe that a little more than a year ago, we decided to embark on this journey of love. I was told that love never dies, so to help me heal, I needed to do something with my love for Brian. Without a name or clear vision for what I…
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Accepting the Unacceptable

As I look back over 2014, there is one word that comes to mind, Acceptance. It happened gradually towards the end of 2014, after several successful fundraisers for the Brian T. Dagle Memorial Foundation, it hit me. The events were a huge success. Friends, family and strangers supporting our cause, supporting us, supporting Brian, but…
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Grief Support Groups

What is a Grief Support Group? A grief support group is a safe place where you can come and be with others who understand the depths and pain of losing a loved one. Understand that a grief support group is not the same as a therapy group. Support group facilitators are peers who also have…
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